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Just starting to learn some basics. Below is my first assignment from the book "The Animator's Workbook".

I hope to use this thread to record my learning experience. Any advice is always welcome!

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Working on the headturn

Working on the headturn assignment. I was rushing a lot and  the final result is pretty bad. So I will probably need to come back and re-do it later.

Version 2. I think overall

Version 2. I think overall the head is a bit better but there's something really wrong with the eyes. First I thought of putting eyes to the side as soon as the head turns but that looked weird because the turn is towards  middle and not reverse. Then I tried to add more frames with eyes in the middle butit didn't turn right either. I may need a bit more time to figure this out.

Version 3 XD Watched this

Version 3 XD Watched this for the reference. I've yet to figure out how to deal with the flickering at the end but I'll leave it at that for now. 

If you have any advice though, please do let me know.


Hey Guy's, I'm a animation

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Thanks so much.

Kind Regards

Antwon Odoms

Last week I was working on a

Last week I was working on a completed walk. It was a very rough attempt ( I did not think about the volume too much) since I just wanted to try it out before starting a Walk Cycle assignement.  I am also hoping to animate a front-on walk (again, probably just quick sketches just to see how it feels) as well as partial walk cycle without arms before getting to the final animation. I know, i know, it seems like I'm doing a very sloppy job here. Ha ha, that's probably true. Hopefully, my final assignment will be much cleaner. I also want to start practicing my drawing skills sometime soon because, maaan, keeping the same size in each drawing is a tough one.

Since I won't be able to draw

Since I won't be able to draw tomorrow, I figured I might as well complete a quick front-on walk today (just to have something for this week). I see now that my left leg got somehow neglected, haha. If I spare some time, I will probably need to fix it before moving on. At least that was fun. I still have lots of trouble keeping the same volumes, though.  I looked into the other night and I think that might help me a bit (really need to start drawing again!!!). We'll see if I'll be able to fit it in my schedule somehow.


Fixed it! Forgetting to flip

Fixed it! Forgetting to flip the image for the next step was a stupid mistake, I gotta admit it. Seems much better now.

A very good shape of this

A very good shape of this image like people says creative cool drawing idea

While searching for more

While searching for more information about the walk cycle, I tried another full walk idea of 13 frames in two (exagerated version). All the ups and downs in one step made quite a bit more sense than in my previous attempt but drawing also got a bit more complicated as in ... you have a middle / passing position on the 7th frame, in-between on the 4th and the rest of in-betweens don't really have middle posions so to say (you have to draw two frames  (2 and 3) instead of oneframe). Not sure if that makes any sense at all :D.

I don't know if I drew it right but it does seem more cartoony and I feel like I understand it better. On the other hand, the more I try, the more I realize how much I do not know yet. I need to find more information about timing and how far the drawing in each frame has to be apart to make a believable step. I thought that "further" means "quicker" but the drawings just start to glide f too far. Probably it only applies to cycle where the parts of the legs are further or closer?




I had to take a break due to personal reasons but here I am again! Just to update you on the status, I just started a course in Edx (" IITBombayX: SKANI102x Basic 3D Animation using Blender") to learn a bit of 3D animation and am currently waiting for the animation book to arrive which I hope will help me move on with the basics. Still trying to figure out how to squeeze in some drawing time into my daily schedule, though, but I will get there!

In Edx course we were learning about Key frames and had to create a short video using Location-Rotation-Scale options in Blender. The link with my video below:


Bouncing ball exercise

Bouncing ball exercise (rubber ball on hard surface) - not sure how I feel about this one as I can see Squash somehow separated from the movement.

For now, I'm following the course online for 3D. I wonder if I am to do the same in 2D or wait till I get the book and follow that instead? Anyway, animation planning in the course really helped to understand the movement (as simple as it is). If I try 2D, I won't need to guess how many frames I have to draw. At least for this exercise.


So I got the book and started

So I got the book and started from the beginning. As interestingas it is, The Animator's Survival Kit does not offer exercises (sadly) and is more like an encyclopedia of sorts. I guess I'll have to do simple exercises based on the theme instead. Just watched the video about the bouncing ball ( and I'm thinking of moving forward from there. 3D course has proven to be a very short one and already ended. :(

(I really hope to show more animation than writing next time, haha :D )