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Hiring storyboard artist for online animation show

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Hiring storyboard artist for online animation show

   We are Amuse, a French animation studio specialized in producing web animated shows for young children. We produce shows that are creative, fun and wholesome for our young viewership. As a fast growing, dynamic company we are always looking for new freelance partners to work on our shows.

   We are currently hiring freelance storyboard artists to provide animatics for our new project. The animatics will be based on detailed scripts, character boards and other visual reference materials. The offer is for a long-term partnership, a steady volume of work per week rather than a singular task.

   If you are interested in this position, you can try your hand on the small test we have prepared for our potential partners. You will it here, as well as additional informations about the offer :

   If you choose to take part in it, we guarantee you that your submission will not be used or published in any way, and that you will receive feedback within a week.

   Feel free to check all the job opportunities on our platform :