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dumb newbie questions

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dumb newbie questions

I've developed an unorthodox and fairly abstract metaphysic/theology and have been thinking of having one or more videos animated to help teach its associated concepts.  Two main problems here that occur to me:

1. I have very little idea of the fundamental processes, jargon, types of animation, costs, etc., and need to be educated therein, and, 

2. Seems to me there would presumably be some unusual degree of difficulty in, a) finding an animator sufficiently comfortable with philosophical/theological topics to take on the challenge, and, b) properly conveying abstract ideas into a semantically well-defined visual presentation.

Anyone willing to offer instruction as to how a newbie might proceed in this?  Thanks in advance. 

My two cents is that you

My two cents is that you should start off with an artist to work key point of your idea. Think of it as a storyboard showing the basics of what you wont to ultimately produce.

To make sure I understand

To make sure I understand correctly, you're suggesting an artist's rendition of the visual layout--concept-to-graphic repesentations (drawings) as the basis for an illustrator to work from?  Some questions, if you're willing....

1. Do you feel artists are generally better suited to translate from abstract to visual than illustrators?  Hadn't thought of this before, but I can see where artists might be more used to delving into the abstract while illustrators might be more comfortable working within their niche.  Is this the right idea?

2.  How would this type of video be classified...informational?  Teaching?  Instructional?  Need to know so I can be on the same page (with proper vernacular at least) with artistic professionals when time comes to select someone(s) to work with.

3. I thought initially (idea of making illustrated videos is very preliminary at this point) I would write voiceover script and make mp3 myself or hire someone to read it, then present to illustrator with my own ideas for how illustration might proceed.  I supposed the illustrator chosen would participate with me in a "creative evolution", taking script to idea to illustrated formats.  Is this an unorthodox expectation for working with an independent professional illustrator?  I can see where the idea of first setting the thing up with an artist makes sense too; just was hoping to keep involvement limited to myself and one or two others in the process.

Btw, is this the right place to start a thread like this?  Was unsure, but seemed most likely.

This thread would more suited

This thread would more suited to Animatioin Cafe or Animation Co-op.