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Please help me choose a university

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Please help me choose a university


I want to make cartoons and animated movies. I'm mostly interested in 2D animation and stop-motion, but knowing at least basics of modelling and CGI certainly won't hurt.

I'm from Poland and the animation industry is basically non-existent here, so I did some research and came to the conclusion that the best option for me would be to study abroad. I know employers don't care where you studied, but no one wants to go to a bad uni, right?

That being said, I consider applying to these universities:

Arts University of Bournemouth (Animation Production)

University of the West of England (Animation)

University for the Creative Arts (Animation)

Edinburgh College of Art (Animation)

Animation Workshop (Character Animation) - this one is located in Denmark. I've read one of Laika's animators graduated from there and I'm a Laika fanboy, so...

Which one is the best (or the worst)? Are there any other good schools I haven't listed here? Please share your opinions.

I studied at the University

I studied at the University of the West of England. Therefore, I can speak only about him.


Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

Really poor. 1st year was awful, the course content was irrelevant until the 2nd semester and although the quality of the housing in halls was really good, many people I know had a bad experience with flat mates. Very noisy outside my window. Second year, not much better, there have been issues with the timetable being changed without notice and when brought up was told I was making it up. Cost me lots of money with my train tickets due to this. Trip to Tenerife was really fun however very little relevance to conservation and there is actually very little wildlife on the island. Course is very plant heavy and it feels like we do not learn much about conservation or animals at all. Lots of science and maths involved and often very difficult with lack of explanation as to the relevance to wildlife and conservation. Should have been prepared about 60 hour placement in 2nd year in the summer before as we are only given 1 Monday every other week to complete this and its near impossible to find somewhere that will take you and allow you to get enough hours. No support provided to help find placements. Wish I could have done it over summer, it is causing lots of stress. The whole course it disappointing.

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Please consider our course at

Please consider our course at the University of Portsmouth [UK]. We are very quiet and not especially good at promoting ourselves, but we offer both traditional 2d Animation and 3d Animation - 

Find out more here:

We have alumni working across the world in a wide range of roles. [I can tell you more if you want]. We have been evolving this course for over 25 years and we are pretty sure we know what we are doing. 

We are also on Facebook:


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my animation from Indonesia:

my animation from Indonesia: Roh Yang Ditukar

please respond to and comment on by all of you in this forum

Choose the school you like.

Choose the school you like. This will be the best choice

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