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Looking for a tutor teach basic Blender in UK

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Looking for a tutor teach basic Blender in UK

hi i am looking for a uk tutor teaching me simple basic skills for 3D animation. I would like to learn Blender, wd like to know the fee . i live in Essex UK.


There are a number of books

There are a number of books and YouTube videos that cover Blender, have you look at these sources yet?

I agree with you. It is

I agree with you. It is easier to teach students who have at least an understanding of what 3D animation is and how it works. Those students absorb new info faster rather than those who start from the zero and have no idea what it is. So, reading in advance a lot of information about what it is, and then ask a tutor to explain to you will be more efficient. You can look for tutors on and find a lot of tutors from all over the world, and they will explain everything to you. But I also recommend you to start reading books about 3D animation for beginners. It will help you a lot, not only your tutor.

Good choice! 3D experts are

Good choice! 3D experts are always in need, and you can make some good money out of it; if it passionates you. My job is to teach different subjects, so I recommend informing yourself online. Conclusion: There are many articles, videos, groups, and apps that help perform and understand the matter of subject better. If you decide to continue deepening your knowledge, contact you will find a community of worldwide teachers able to teach online and master their job at maximum. I once needed a tutor for mathematics and economics and cannot regret choosing them. The best!

not bad varient

not bad varient

I honestly don't understand

I honestly don't understand why you are posting this question here. It would be faster to find it on instagram or just find it on the Internet. When I needed to find someone to write an essay for money to me, I used for this. Google does wonders. Here on the forum there is a chance that you will be prompted. But you still have to wait a long time. Sometimes people are lucky and they get information quickly enough. I would like to help you but I don't know such a tutor.