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Free translations of your films into Russian

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Free translations of your films into Russian

Hello! I am an experienced rus-eng eng-rus interpreter who has always been dreaming about working in the world of animation.

Together with a professional sound producer/engineer we have launched a new studio of interpreting/translation and sound. To support your animated projects and to make global animation culture closer to the Russian audience, I will be more than glad to translate your film into Russian. I guarantee that the text and the voices/sounds will be as close to the original video as possible.

For a start I am going to do it for free, so feel free to ask your questions by e-mail

The page of our studio:

If you need translation of

If you need translation of video materials, then contact Vidby for help. Their algorithm allows you to quickly make machine translation and voice acting in different languages. I do not deny that there are good translators and voice-over artists, but sometimes machine translation is no worse than human translation, and requires much less time and money.