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Animation about Mental Health

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Animation about Mental Health

Hey guys!

I'm an animation student and as part of our university module, we had a chance to work with a client (unfortunately not paid work).

I've made this animation based off a given script by the clients, do check it out! If there's any feedback or comments, that would be welcomed ;D

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Unusual script for the

Unusual script for the subject. Well done, given the extreme lenght of the video clip.

Indeed it is a good animation

Indeed it is a good animation. I just adore it.

It really seems that you're

It really seems that you're good at this. In general, our mental health is very important, but unfortunately, many people do not understand it and do not take care of themselves and their health at all. I personally had a very stressful time in my life and I was really confused about how I could get over it. I was lucky with my doctor who showed me the minimum doses of sakratom and said that this will precisely reduce many of my problems. When I was interested in all the effects that this product has, I didn't even hesitate and I started taking it. Since then, a lot has changed in my life.

I love such animations

I love such animations because they show us how to build a healthy relationship with our closest ones. As long as you are stable and rational, you will build strong relationships that will not affect your mental health. Unfortunately I had to witness terrible moments that happened to my friend who was suffering from anxiety and depression. I tried to convince him to buy some Olbas products because they stimulate the whole body processes. He is doing great until now and I really hope he will continue this good.

I never went to a

I never went to a psychologist because I think it's a waste of money.

I think your animation is

I think your animation is noteworthy. I liked your approach to the realization of the idea. Mental health is essential nowadays. Not many people understand the importance and significance of mental health in our lives. Some people do not believe that it is necessary to pay attention to the mental state in addition to checking physical health. I often meet people who don't know how to enjoy life, are constantly sad and complaining about their problems. Problems are typical, but when they take up most of your life, you can become depressed. At such times, it is crucial to see a psychologist or psychotherapist in time to help you get out of this hole. Asking for psychological help is not a shame but rather praiseworthy.

On the topic of mental health

On the topic of mental health, we can talk endlessly, because it is the most important part of our lives. I am absolutely sure that most health problems are due to stress and nervous disorders. Personally, I found for myself the perfect way to deal with stress in the form of chocolate magic mushrooms It is very tasty and just one slice is enough for me to completely get rid of nervous tension and get a good mood.