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I am looking for animator/ screenwriter for start-up

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I am looking for animator/ screenwriter for start-up

Hi all,

I am looking for an animator who would become a member of a team - I am not looking just for an one-time use contractor.

The project I am currently working on is heavily focused on medical industry where we need to explain in a simple and easy to understand way key messages to the audience. Right now we are having around 10 short videos topics already in the backlog that are waiting to be created, with more to come.

As each start-up it is hard to offer the best pay on the market, but as stressed above, I am looking for someone to fit in our team, having independence while being responsible and critical to assignments. Not to worry, I do not expect to have this for free. But I can offer a long term cooperation with potential to grow in terms of cashflow.

To conclude, you might have either personal interest to work with us or you could advice me how (and who) to approach, I do not want to step into first animation studio by random and also I do not have a stellar budget to pay for 20 people having fancy offices downtown. 

Thanks, any comments either here or by personal message are appreciated.

I'm interested in this

I'm interested in this project. Feel free to contact me if you're still looking for someone.

I work freelance-based, which I think will suit what you need, considering that you're a startup and need to keep the funding low.

I'd be interested to work on something medical-related. 


Bestselling #WritingCommission Writer |


Bestselling #WritingCommission Writer |

Hi, I'm interested in it.

Hi, I'm interested in it. Here's my website. You can check my work.

Feel free to contact me.

Hello! may name is Umar Saeed

Hello! may name is Umar Saeed. I have some links to my social account and portfolio below​.

if your intrested in hiring a

if your intrested in hiring a proffesionalanimator or screenwriter u can contact us at


you can check out our portfolio on the given link above



Hi Julius,

I am the director of Adific Animation Studio. We are serving medical industry since past 17+ years. Please view our medical showreel.

We are looking for project collaboration. If you are interested please drop your contact details at so we can schedule a short call for 10 to 15 minutes. 

Have a great day.