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Looking for an Animator for a Short Film

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Looking for an Animator for a Short Film

Hello everyone,

As part of a short film, we need someone to animate a flying object for 45s spread over several sequences, in an outdoor setting as well as for animating a face for a shorter duration At 15s.

The (physical) object is already existing, but it will be necessary to create the 3d model from the existing model, the same for the face

The short film will be entitled 'Monther Tongue', with a duration of 10-15 min.

Obviously all this is paid,

If you are interested, send me an email to, if possible with some photos or videos of your achievements, if we are interested, we will of course give you all the information required for the realization of this project


Hi there,

Hi there,

I am Abhilash ,  I am a 2d animator , illustrator, Character Designer , concept and Storyboard artist.

I would be interested in working with you on this project .

This is a link to my online portfolio. Please do check it out .  You can mail me at sends e-mail)  

Looking Forward,