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Help with Moho Pro 12 image importing

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Help with Moho Pro 12 image importing

Using Moho Pro 12 can .jpg images of oil paintings be used for automation subjects and backgrounds?  The company that sells the software has no way to ask pre-purchase questions.  Crazy!  Anyway, I have hopes of using my oil paintings in the way that the movie "Cars" was created.  Any help is appreciated!!!  I can't tell if imported files have to already have the structure to enable motion.

Maybe a bitmap image used of oil painting?

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Hi, with Moho 12 you could

Hi, with Moho 12 you could animate images but its not an automated process you have to know how to work with the software and the files.

Moho 12 its a professional animation software for Studios or amateurs so have to many options, it could be do it, but you need to learn to do it, and no the imported files are like how you imported you can move then with the use of a Matrix system or bones system.

If you have a bg and you want to move separated parts, first you have to separate the file in layers to be imported

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I also know that working with

I also know that working with such files and software is pretty hard. You need to search for info and learn about this. But everything now needs to be learned. I started a while ago photography, mostly I photograph nature or animals. I like their motion and movement better than at humans :D I learned for some time how to edit or how to find the best angle and I am still learning. The biggest problem was to find an app for learning me how to increase image size, and now finding it I am ready to take my best shots.