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Desperately need some advice!! I think I chose the wrong degree..

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Desperately need some advice!! I think I chose the wrong degree..

Hello people of the animation world,

I've just started my first year in studying a BA in Animation. I have studied two years prior to this at TAFE studying an Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts. My passion is in illustrating and mixed media. I was drawn to the subject of Animation because my dad was inspired by the characters I was drawing and once said wouldn't it be great if they came to life. (I'm also interested in voice over) 

So I applied for a degree in Animation, but I don't think I did my research very well. I am freaking out due to the intese amount of computer aspects I didn't realize that this career has..I don't like computers, were currently learning Toon Boom (although they don't teach you the programs they give you a digital tutors website to learn them yourselves in your own time..haha time at this point, yeah that's a luxury considering I am having the worst time trying to get my head around the computers and also photoshop. Is a career in Animation mostly conputer based? Wanting to be an illustrator or concept artist do you think I should just push through with learning these programs? If I was to be successful should I already be passionate instead of hesitant? I am so unsure...

Another option I've figured out is that for this first trimester (because it's too late to change degree now) I can drop the two computer based courses (Principles of Animation working with Toon Boom and Digital Storytelling working in Photoshop) and keep the Life Drawing class and the film theory class which will still help me with writing university assignments in general. Then for the next trimesters and the rest of the year enrol into some Fine Arts programs to build up credit points. Then next year enrol into the BA Degree in Fine Arts. 

For me my passion is in illustration and drawing. Can a career in animation be this or will computers always be a big aspect? Should I just push through and learn the computers, because in this day and age technology is unfortunatley taking over..I just am so unsure of the desicions I'm making, I'm also dreading having to slog this year out and wait until next year, increasing my loans and elongating my studies for another year. Please, please please any advice would be appreciated, I have until March 24th to drop the courses, otherwise if I don't do well in them they'll affect my overall grades, which could affect me getting into a different course next year..AHHH!! >.<

Thanks guys, for taking the time to read this and hopefully I'll get some answers.

I would agree working in

I would agree working in commercial broadcast animation is indeed computer dependent. It's not just a matter of computers themselves, (They use computers in illustration as I have a son studying at OCADU) but the constant upgrading of commercial software to keep up with can be a challenge, I know this experience first hand. Then again, there are people who thrive on the change. I am in my 50s and have used Toon Boom Harmony up until 12 and too am weary of keeping my "nose above water".

Bottom line is if you've discovered you like illustration better, there's your answer.

P.S.-I think it's inexcusable to pay for an education in a brick & mortar school and them refer you to any online course but what do I know about university?