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Looking for an Animator for a Short Film festival submission

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Looking for an Animator for a Short Film festival submission

I have a piece of music that I think is very thematic and I have a clear idea on what I'd like the animation to look like.

Perhaps usuallly the animation comes first, but maybe this makes this idea far more interesting when the animation is created via our audio stimulation, which would birth a storyline.

I've always wanted to enter a submission into the short film festival Tropfest. Usually the animated ones wow the crowd far more than the real life ones.

As a team of animator + musician, I'd like to work with someone who can spark great ideas and who can create an appealing, visual masterpiece.


Hi krronos, 

Hi krronos, 

I am a 3D/2D animation and design professional currently specializing in freelance.  My creative services include storyboarding, character and location design, 3D modeling, 3D/2D animation, texturing, effects, compositing and more.  I love taking on full productions.  One of my recent freelancing jobs is an animated music video that I created for a Canadian music band Morning Fame.  It is a 2D work in animation/illustration format.   
The process was similar to what you describe in your post. The band had a recorded song and a loose script. Also they wanted illustrations that will have camera moves.  I provided additional ideas for the storyline with all the visuals, animation and effects.  Together we evlolved the piece to the otcome that the band absolutely love.  

I thoroughly enjoy the creative collaboration, and guarantee high quality work delivered in timely and professional manner.  To get more in depth reference on my work and experience, you can refer to my other portfolio links below: 

Show reel:

Animation/Motion Graphics:

Looking forward to hearing from you.