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Should I prepare an art portfolio for animation bachelor?

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Should I prepare an art portfolio for animation bachelor?

Currently studying on long-time poses and form on tuesday. I have done a few months of Croqui and familiarized myself with Maya and Zbrush. 

Though I feel unsure about the important features is for applying for an animation bachelor. 
I am currently going to a 2-hours croqui (1-3 minutes poses) on mondays.

Long time poses on thuesday to gain a better understanding of form, weight, though I am not sure if I should go for long time poses on thursdays as well. 


Mainly because there is this second course option to learn more about some long time poses, rendering, shadow and get the sense for "art direction". They also teach 1 point perspective, though I am pretty much familiar with 2, 3, and fish eye perspective. 

Lastly they give us individual projects to that we can prepare ourselves for an art-portfolio. I am not quite sure if that applies for an animation portfolio. 


I don't have tons of time due to other work (To make other artsy projects), so my thursdays are kind of precious. 

I also recently found this drawing course for mondays, that teaches the same things on thursday. Though croqui should be more important, no?
Lastly, I am thinking about adding some of the short-animation stuff I've been trying out, in the optional section.