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Getting an animation degree in Europe?

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Getting an animation degree in Europe?

Hi, awn!

So, I want to animate for video games/cartoons/movies. I know more about 2D animation, but 3D is not unappealing to me, and if it's possible, I want a degree that delves somewhat into both 2D and 3D computer animation.

After researching animation programs, I realized a lot of animators from the US (where I am located now) go to Europe for education, then return here for employment. There are many credible schools, it seems to be cheaper than a lot of the animation programs here, and I really love Europe.

My question for you is this: Were you or any animators you know educated in Europe? Where is the best place to be educated in animation in Europe? I am looking for credible, but somewhat affordable. English-speaking country preferred, but I am willing to learn another language.

Thanks, Willow

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