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Which drawing pens do you use?

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Which drawing pens do you use?

I recently wrote an article on what I think are best pens for doing hand drawn animation or illustration (
I'm trying to get as much feedback on the subject so that I could update the choices based on the objective quality of each pen I had featured. Let me know if you have any advice on how to improve the article too. Thanks in advance

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Interesting blog, why is

Interesting blog, why is Lightwave not on the list of 3D software?

I have never used it to be

I have never used it to be honest, Maya and ZBrush are what I most commonly use in 3d. I wasn't listing all the available software, but what I thought was best. Thanks for the input though, I will definitely get to know Lightwave better and perhaps include it as well. I'm happy you like the site:)

3d Drawing Pen

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