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Writing in Animation

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Writing in Animation

Hello everyone - it's wonderful to see such a fantastic network for animated media! My name is Kayla - I'm currently a full-time college student in New York, and also the President and Founder of my university's Animation Appreciation club. We had an extensive discussion about this website, and I'm glad I was able to get the word out to so many.

I've been meaning to get in touch with a few experienced individuals/professionals on this subject for a long time; animation holds such a profound meaning to me, and as a double major in Creative Writing and Digital Media Production, I've been wondering about which careers are genuinely pursuable in this field with my planes of expertise.

When I chose these majors, it was on the basis of wanting to be multi-talented when applying to any animation companies, but on the dual basis of knowing my art skills would never match my experienced areas of talent - which are script/screenwriting, and audio/video editing. I have such a deep respect for all artists and animators, and would be willing to pick up a pencil again, yet I feel as though I've already chosen another path.

My question is: What could someone like me do in the animation field? Is being a script-supervisor, producer, or audio/video editor too far-fetched? I'm aware that most animated media is written by the animators, so is there any actual room for me as a writer?

Thank you in advance - I appreciate all honest feedback.

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Do you have a website for

Do you have a website for showing your work?

Yes and no. After a mishap

Yes and no. After a mishap earlier in the year where I found that one of my short stories (and many of my poems) were stolen, I decided that it would be best to keep all of my creative writing work off of my website until I gained a proper copyright (some I have a Poor Man's Copyright for) or until I was looking for an internship. All that's on my website is a very outdated resume.

I have yet to post any of the audio editing and video work I've done on my website, though. I've edited audio commercials and PSAs, and I've been the Editor, AD, and Writer for many video projects. I could link a few examples here.


Hello Kayla,

I can only give you piece of advice, follow your passion and do it one at a time. Focus for goal then when you reach that goal, do the second one.



Animation Specialist / Painter

I think there is a place for

I think there is a place for you as a writer. I think that there is nothing to stop a talented person. I dreamed of becoming a writer and I found a job at and enjoy it. Always know that if you have talent and passion for something, do not think that there is no place for you in this area.