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Getting into Animation

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Getting into Animation

Im interested in learning animation. I have tried coding. I successfully built a website and learned some on building video games but I do not feel like its for me. I was watching some animations with my child and notice maybe this could be something for me.

I have tons of free time. downside no money to invest into anything not even go to college for the time being. I search youtube for tutorials but cannot find where to start.

I want to start in 2d animations/cartoons and build myself to 3d ones. the big question is WHERE TO START? What programs should I use? Are there any free tutorials I can watch? Im a person who learns by watching others. I just need to get my foot in the door so I can start teaching myself if anyone would be so kind to point me into the correct direction. Im completely beginner. 

thanks in advance

There are a number of books

There are a number of books you can start with. As for gree tutorials, you could check out YouTube.


any books you recommend?

any books you recommend?

 "Timing for Animation" by

 "Timing for Animation" by Jon Halas     "Cartoon Animation" by Preston Blair  "Character Animation" by Tom Bancraft.

You could do some research and find more titles.


There's tons of info available but if it helps I started my NEW YouTube Series called WATCHMEANIMATE.
It's new so there's currently 3 episodes available right now. Check it out! =)



- founder / watchmeanimate

Hello Prayer call are you

Hello Prayer call are you christian? Not that it matters just curious lol

But yeah I totally recommend 3D since its advancing pretty quickly and you don't even need drawing skills. If your looking for something as a Hobbyist I recommend Blender 3D. Its free and super easy to use. There are tutorials for it everywhere. 

But if something serious like freelancing it might be Maya. don't worry theres a lot of free learning online that defeats the purpose of school! 

The Animator’s Survival Kit /

The Animator’s Survival Kit / Richard Williams is the best book for the beginner its cover lots of 2D /3D animation styles.