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2D animator needed for Music Video

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2D animator needed for Music Video

To whom this may concern,


My name is Jake and I represent Adelaide Hard Rock outfit, Fell At Ten.

We are looking for an animator to help us create the music video for our upcoming single, The River.


We have just released our first debut single and film clip, THE MAN WHO RESCUED A MAN FROM DROWNING, and with the momentum this has brought us, we are ready to start working on our next music video project.


You can have a listen and stream the song through AppleMusic, Spotify, band camp, google play. 

Here's a link for convenience:


If we could have a quote and an estimate of how long it may take to create that would be awesome.


We have written up a rough storyboard of what we are looking for, with time stamps in regards to where it lines up with the song. I have also have rough sketches of the 2 main characters as a reference, I can send them to you. they can be adjusted to suit.

Please have read through and any feedback is appreciated.


I look forward to hearing back from you



Jake Daulby

0450 451 56





male and female protagonist:

look halfway between toon link and the powerpuff girls, maybe with a bit of a Viking style. Definitely fantasy. They are either lovers, best friends or brother and sister. Idea is that they love adventuring and killing enemies (they treat this things with the enthusiasm of a 5 year old doing arts and crafts. Each battle scene would be over the top with graphic violence, but the overall vibe of the clip would be that of an kids cartoon (but definitely not).



Giant eagle, or owl. Definitely a bird of prey. Could even be a griffin or hipogriff? Gets in on the battles



Combination of flying and land based. Roughly based on Orcs and Goblins. 




Opens to a sun rising over the land, light shines on a little cave high on a mountain where male and female protagonist awaken, grab a bag of supplies/ weapons each, run out of the cave and dive off a cliff.



Protagonists are caught by a giant bird (like an eagle, owl, etc) and they ride on the back of the bird. Male explains to female that they plan to go on an adventure to the river where they can have a sick time. 



While this is happening the bird is cruising pretty, soaring above the clouds. Characters are checking supplies and weapons making sure they are all good.



One of the protagonists looks to the horizon to see a dark cloud appearing in the distance. Zooms in to see an army of flying enemies (like orcs or gargoyles, armed to the teeth). Zooms back to protagonists with their weapons out, who give each other a nod.



Both protagonists leap off the bird into the bad guys and start brutally attacking. The bird also gets in on the actions. They are skilfully slicing, dicing, slashing and bashing their enemies. It's really graphic, but both protagonists are smiling having the best time of their lives. Ideally, they are attacking as the music intensifies, and when it releases that's when they move on to the next batch of enemies. 



Protagonists finish off enemies while still in the air and fall to the ground to be quickly caught by the talons of their bird friend before they hit the ground. Bird flicks them onto his back and does tricks and shit. 



This hit, should have all three characters (covered in the blood of their enemies) stop mid-flight in the air, give the camera a thumbs up and a wink to show how much fun they are having.



Shows a forest being torched  from above by dragon fire, pans out to show protagonists lighting a pipe and passing it between each other, while on the back of the bird. Bird lands in a forest, drops off protagonists and flies away. The Sun starts to go down, characters make camp fire. 



Enemy Shadows are lurking in the darkness, just outside the light of the fire. Protagonists look up to see enemy leap out from behind a bush for a kill strike



Male protagonist grabs hands of female and swings her into enemy, she pulls outs two daggers, slices the throat of the enemy, throws dagger into skull of another enemy, (super brutal)



Both protagonists are getting into full swing. Enemies are calling for more waves. Protagonists are starting to incorporate magic attacks as well, working as a sick team, laughing and having fun.



Protagonists are completely surrounded. Camera switches between heroes faces and enemies.



Heroes both charge up a big attack



Male releases attack first. Swinging and going nuts with attacks. Enemies don't know what hit them



Female is still charging attack. A shadow of an enemy appears behinds her



Male is still fighting oblivious to what is about to happen to female.



Enemy stabs female in the back with a sword. Her powered up attack is stopped. She drops to her knees and she looks over to the male. Their eyes lock, he knows what's happened, and goes fuckin super saiyan 



Male loses it, absolutely destroys the enemies with a monster energy attack

Female smiles at male, and collapses



Male is still killing enemies, until the wave is all dead



Runs over to corpse of female. Kills enemy that stabbed her. Drops to his knees and holds her



tears stream down his cheeks. Another wave of enemies starts to surround them. There is a big boss.

Female starts to glow. Still lifeless, she floats up and out of the arms of the male. Male is stunned. Enemies are seeing this happen. 



She then opens her eyes which sends a huge dome of magic energy throughout the forest. All the small enemies are completely incinerated, boss covers face and is protected by armour.



Male is unscathed, rejoices with a fist pump and locks eyes with boss enemy.



Male starts laying into boss with his sword. Female charges an big energy ball and throws it at boss. Boss is lobbed high into the air. Male charges jump, leaps up to the boss who is now falling and slices off his head, and then dices up the rest of him.


All enemies are dead. covered in blood, male and female pick up their supplies and weapons, push through some trees, to a clearing on the edge of a cliff. 



Closes to both heroes holding hands looking at a view the sun rising over the river.


Animator Application

Hello JakeFellAtTen,

I'm interested to do your animation project. Can I get your email so I can send some sample works directly to you? We can discuss this briefly in skype if you want.




Animation Specialist / Painter

Animator Application

Hello JakeFellAtTen,

I'm interested to do your animation project. Can I get your email so I can send some sample works directly to you? We can discuss this briefly in skype if you want.




Animation Specialist / Painter

Hey Arvin, 

Hey Arvin, 

my email is





Hello Jake,

Great, gonna send you some of my work through wetransfer. my skype name is     arvin.atos40  

is you need to discuss it deeply your project.





Animation Specialist / Painter

Hi, I'm willing to help

I'm willing to talk about this project. Email me at if you wish to talk about this. I can mock up something for you.

Awesome music video idea

Awesome music video idea JakeFellAtTen!!  If your still in need of an animator, I'm your guy.  Check out my work here:​