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Seeking a mentor in Animation

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Seeking a mentor in Animation

I've been passionate about animation since I was just a kid, but because of family circumstances I had to go into the military instead of being able to go to any kind of art school.  I've never lost my passion and got into creating comics instead, but I still really want to learn animation.  I'm saving up with hopes I can go to school, but I admit I'm a bit lost.  I've consulted books and several online tutorials and any feedback on the process would just be so helpful.  I work long hours so I think some  advice would really help me direct my efforts. 

Thank you for your consideration, and if anyone has any advice resources for learning skills in the field in general, they would be very appreciated!


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Animation Mentor online would

Animation Mentor online would be your best bet and maybe even revive your love for comics.

Its the best online resource for character animation. Also IAnimate has some good workshops