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Our team is looking for an artist to animate ! 

Hello !

We are a team composed of 14 people currently working on a stealth & parody of anime cliché type of game. And as the title says we are looking for an additional animator.

The game itself is still at an early stage ; we have all the sketches for the characters present in the game, the whole plot, a roadmap, some environment sketches, a full rigged model and a few 3d models & some few other things.

It’s been officially a month that we are working on it, we believe the game is gonna take a year and a half to be completely done.

We all are doing this as volunteers therefore we are not paid, but what we offer is obviously credit in the project, the possibility to put the project in your portfolio/resume/CV and recognition if the game is ever popular.

(We communicate via discord)

What we are looking for in an animator is :

Commitment ; we need someone to be active and that won’t leave the project suddenly without an explanation.

Someone who can work with a team & a partner ; like stated before we already have an animator so the person should be able to work with the other as well as the rest of the team.

Someone who can do all different kind of animations ; Walking and running are the basics but we are looking for someone who can also make more complex animation that fits the action/stealth genre (Facial expressions, lifting things, crawling, sneaking from behind, different set of killing animation and so on…)

If possible, someone who also know how to rig. So the work could be done faster if the two animators know how to rig.

If you are interested or have questions please feel free to tell, you can also send me a PM if you want to volunteer and want to see some concept we have for the game.

Thank you for taking the time to read :) 

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