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Wanna make a short?

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Wanna make a short?

Hey I'm William, you can call me Will.


I wanna work on a project with individuals who are serious about making shorts. I have no experience myself in making shorts or any animation from start to finish, but there's no time like the present! I guess I should start by saying what I bring to the table(not much). I'm more of a writer/creator. I have a few "projects" that I'm been playing around with.

My goal is to try to make a short. So if you're a writer, artist, voice actor, etc. and want to collabrate with another inspiring creator please please contact me via here or sends e-mail). Now this is not a paid project...I can't offer you anything but the chance to work on something great and gain experience. I know that last line is not much of a selling point lol. I'm open to all but I will say I perfer to do something funny...

Even if we can't make something together I'm sure getting to know you guys will be just as beneficial!!