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Questions About Pitching

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Questions About Pitching


I am a young aspiring animator/show writer, but I have a few questions that it would be lovely if someone could answer for me.

First of all, how old exactly do you have to be to pitch a show idea? Secondly, when you do pitch a show idea, and if by some chance it gets accepted, do you get to help with the storywriting for it from then on, or is it thereafter entirely out of your hands? I apologize if my questions are hard to understand- let me know if I need to clarify anything.


Hello Jadatado,

The answer to your questions really depends on who you are pitching it to. If you're pitching to independant financiers ( or executives), thy'll expect you to have a producer along with you to show breakdown fo costs etc. They then may also have some scriptwriters they know who can help. But if it's a company you are pitching to, who have made several animations, then as part of them obtaining rights to the project, they will take on the production side to - so organising other scriptwriters to work on it.


if you're making a series, then there would certainly be more than just one person writing the scripts. You'd have to determine your role in the project - do you want to be an animator? Director? or Scriptwriter?