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Help with converting videos

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Help with converting videos

Hello! I'm new. I was hoping someone could guide me in the right direction for uploading animations. I uploaded an animation to Youtube and noticed that it was blurry at that size. I also am unsure of the correct format to convert my videos to send to others to view them. So here are my questions.

1. Should I be making my stage larger or resizing it? I currently use 550 X 400.

2.Which format is best to convert to for purposes of uploading or sending to others? Mp4? Avi?

3. When it comes to settings: codec, quality, aspect, ratio, what settings would I want to select for both uploading and just sending for viewing on a computer?

I hopefully didn't leave anything out, and I apologize if this gets asked a lot or seems obvious. I don't yet know very much about video formats and sizes. I'm sure in a few years, this might seem sily to me. But right now, it's kind of a new and concerning topic.

Thank you!