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Research for Animation/Game Character Modeler

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Research for Animation/Game Character Modeler

Hello everyone, In this post I am trying to do a research about your work experience in the business of animation or game as a character modeler (3d). This is only for educational purpose and for school project so please do let me know if there are questions that you can’t answer to avoid violating confidentiality.

These questions are more generated towards worker in a company or a team of workers, but please do enlighten us about your work if you are working as a freelancer. [12 question in total] please do include the number of question if you do not wish to answer them all or in order.

1) How did you get your job? 

Recommendations/applying for interviews/etc, and how did you negotiate the contract or the job?

2) What is the typical requirements or skill that you need to have in order to get the job?

(beside making the models, such as rigging, texturing, etc) Did the company or workplace helped you learn the other requirements before asking you to do those works?

3) What are the skills and attitude needed to get or maintain the job?

4) What is the structure of the business entities in the company?

5) What are the typical pay rates (or pricing of product and service) and budget? 

6) How or who manages the marketing, promotion and sponsorship?

7) In your role as a character modeler what are the typical workflow?

Where do you start your work (searching for clients or getting work from boss/team) > what do you do after getting the job (discussing about the model or directly making it based on the demand)> … >etc

8) How do you manage your project?

9) Where does the source of financing, investment and revenue for your project come from?

10) What are the hardware / software you were using. And are there any standards for the tools used?

11) Do you have any tips to get a job in your field of work? Besides having a great portfolio to showcase.

12) From your observation or work experience is there anything else you would like to share?

I hope you are willing to help me by answering the questions above. Thank you for checking out this post!

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