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Lynx Animation Studios

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Lynx Animation Studios

Hey guys, the name is Mike Rajchevski and I am here on behalf of Lynx Animation Studios as their PR guy. I'm here to introduce you to our Studio, as well as announce that we are always scouting for new and talented artits that fit our Studio policies.  You can find a more detailed description written bellow. 

Lynx Animation Studios is specialised in high-end 2D animation, video games and illustration.

Our international team consists of particularly skilled artists and animators from around the globe.

We develop and produce our own IP’s, both for traditional film & TV, as well as for the video game industry.

The studio also offers a wide range of services, covering all phases from pre-production to post-production for video, audio, web and print. 

We are passionate and devoted professionals, always delivering projects on time and above expectations.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you around on the forums!

Regards, Mike