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CalArts or Ringling?

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CalArts or Ringling?


I am someone who has a bit of a dilemma in picking btween CalArts and Ringling College of Arts and Design.

I have an Associates degree in Computer Animation from a local community college, but the school didn't, oddly enough, not have any classes most of the time i was there. So I was handed classes that had nothing to do with Animation (like Business Law). The only time i was able to was once they sent my degree through mail and refuse to pay for the class because i overdid all my credits. And the teacher had no clue how to teach the class how to use Cinema 4D. 

I want to learn how to do it properly from the pros, but I am very unsure which to pick from the pros and cons that I have for each one: 

CalArts is an amazing school with great reputation. Safe area, and the idea of finally being on my own is granted here (hispanic family = staying home until this little birdie is free to go). The con of this school is how hard it is to get in, the distance, and the amount of money it takes per year is a bit of a stab in the heart.

Ringling is also an amazing school with great educators. Cheaper and close to home, as well as a slightly better chance to get in. My only problem is that is right in the middle of a very dangerous area. I read that there have been times someone was in school wailing a gun around. 

Can you guys help me out and figure out how to choose?

Thanks :)