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Difference between BFA and MFA in Animation

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Difference between BFA and MFA in Animation

Hello guys.

This is my first time here. I am a student in the final year of A Levels (basically, the final year of high school), so naturally, now is the time to start searching for colleges. I've always wanted to go to animation ever since I was young.  One of my plans (which my older siblings have suggested) is to study for a Bachelors in Computer Science, and then study for a MFA in Computer Animation, but I am confused as to whether this is better than simply going to do a BFA in animation.

So my questions are these;

1) What are the differences between doing a BFA in Computer Animation and doing a MFA in Computer animation?

2) Do they teach you the same things in Masters as they do in Bachelors? Or does Masters simply refine the skill-sets you already learned in Bachelors?

3) Do universities require you to do a BFA before doing a MFA?

Thank you in advance. :)