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[PAID*] LetMeOut Animations is looking for 2 3d animators

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[PAID*] LetMeOut Animations is looking for 2 3d animators

LetMeOut Animations is a young company with great aspirations. We are currently working on our first show, VirtualCraft. It has a large roster and a combination of dialogue focused scenes and action oriented scenes. We are looking for someone with at least 1 year of experience working with Blender animation. You will be working directly with the lead animator and creator. If you are interested in joining our growing team please send an e-mail with a copy of your portfolio, and a short description of what makes you, you, to (link sends e-mail).

About LetMeOut Animations:

We are, as said earlier, a young company, but we are filled with passionate people and amazing stories. Our quickly growing company has 11 voice actors, a sound engineer, a composer, a social media expert, and an animator. The animator in this case is also our writer, our director, our producer, our project coordinator, and our distributor, so needless to say we need to bring on a couple animators to keep this dream a reality.

Monetary Compensation:

Everyone that works at LetMeOut Animations gets paid through a royalty format. For animation you would recieve 10% of all profits including, but not exclusive to, YouTube, iTunes, Kickstarter, Google Play Store.

About The Project:

The show is called VirtualCraft. It is about 6 strangers having to fight to survive in a virtual world. The animation style is similar to MineCraft but has significant differences as well. Essentially everything in nature is made of cubes, but everything they can make isn't necessarily in that shape. This brings a very unique look into the mix. The show is set to run for 12 episodes in season 1. The episodes will get longer as the season progresses, starting at about 5 minutes and ending up at about 20 minutes. This is not a kid friendly show despite the art styles suggestive quality. In this world anyone can die, and many do. This story is intended to span many seasons and many art styles.

About the Creator:

Hi, I'm the guy that made all this happen. I so far have been the one writing all the scripts and designing all the characters. I have always been inspired by the nature of, what I like to call, fearless storytelling. The likes of The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, or even RoosterTeeth's Rwby, all have a dedicated following and I believe that is because, unlike most entertainment, they aren't afraid of putting even the most popular characters in very dangerous scenarios where they could actually die. I want to bring that to this show.

Contact Specifications:

In the body of the message please include: name, age, years of experience, and strengths and weaknesses. Thank you for your time.

For more information please visit our website,, and follow us on twitter, @letmeout_anima