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Python Maya scripting tutorials for beginners

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Python Maya scripting tutorials for beginners

Hi everybody,

If you ever thought it could be fun or useful to learn a bit of scripting in Maya to speed things up then don't forget to check out my beginners tutorials on scripting in Maya with Python. It's an introduction and walkthroughs of automating tasks. It's pretty handy to know scripting to speed up work and not having to redo redundant tasks.

Tutorials are free so have a look if you have the time.

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Hello - What is the best

Hello - What is the best source for ​practising python problems on an intermediate level?

Maya Embedded Language

Maya Embedded Language required  handon experience on python. atleast you should have basic python programming knowledge.  Also can inport python script in maya to speed up scripting. 

Would like to share some online tutorial which i follow with simple to read examples