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Looking for animator for a wedding proposal

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Looking for animator for a wedding proposal

I'm looking for someone to do something similar to this:

The animation would depict some activities I've done with my girlfriend and eventually will end with my character proposing.

Please pm your previous work and your price.

I can't help you with

If you are looking for an animator at your wedding it means that you want to do a special proposal, I am 100 % sure that your girlfriend will be very happy. Oh, talking about your proposal I remember mine and my wedding and how beautiful it was one important advice I can give you is to take care of the light and sound because it's very important at a wedding I know a company who can help you this AV hire company in London might be able to help, address to them and you won't regret.

Thanks for the's what

Thanks for the's what I was looking for.

From my perspective, a good

From my perspective, a good animator is a must-have for every wedding. I remember that I spent a lot of time finding a good animator for my wedding, so take your time, because it's worth it. By the way, don't forget to choose a gorgeous tuxedo for you, because this is also very important. If you haven't found one yet, I can recommend the shop from where I bought mine. Here it is Hope my message will be helpful for you. In case there is something else I can help you with, feel free to text me.