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Animators needed for a series (hero kind of)

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Animators needed for a series (hero kind of)


Im Cyber Prime and I need help.

I need a series to be aniamted called the Wrecking Bros, and it will star me and my friends.

You must work for free.

You will get lots of appreciation.

You will be animating locations, spaceships, a g1 optimus prime, a gta v character, the main guy from thief and a turtle with a magic belt, as the main characters. The villains will vary.

Once the series has started, you can let me know some of your ideas, and i will try and incorporate them in to the plot, as best I can.

It would help if you could do the music, but i can do it also, but you must be able to add the sound effects when your animating. My friends and I will voice act. But i can try and let you cameo in the series or become a main character if you want.

It would be great if any of you could help me.

p.s. it would be great if the videos are good qualtiy.