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New Markets – Animation

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New Markets – Animation

The growth of the Animation industry has been phenomenal. Animation is easily one of the most promising domains for artists, students, investors and governments. But it’s interesting to note that the industry is seeing emerging markets in unassuming parts of the world.

In the past, Africa’s known connection with the animation world was the continent’s fabulous feature and depiction in famous animated movies such as the Lion King and Madagascar. But with a diverse terrain, culture and ethnicity and an enigmatic appeal to itself, Africa has a lot of stories to be told and Animation is a great medium for this. The Nigerian animation industry has received a beaming limelight on the global platform. So much so, that Disney had signed up to launch its base in Nigeria last year. Several small, yet exciting, studios have sprung up that have been producing globally appreciated work.

The World Bank has taken keen interest in the Jamaican Animation industry. In collaboration with the Government of Jamaica, the financial conglomerate initiated the “Animate Jamaica” program last year to train and produce talented Jamaican Animators. By establishing it as a hub for Animation outsourcing, there is hope for improving the current economic situation of Jamaica.

Going eastward, a small country that is known for its enormous textile labour is now gearing up for the Animation race. Bangladesh, with an animation task force of just about 12000, is looking at the industry with dreamy eyes. Rallying on its cheap labour force, it’s working to garner the interest of foreign studios, which could outsource their work here.
With the old players of the Animation outsourcing industry, such as India, making a gradual shift towards developing local content, the West is looking out for newer markets to fill the space. It is, hence, no surprise that the biggies of the industry are rooting and cheering for the new entrants.

Although the general significance of these new and nascent Animation industries relies on cheap labor and outsourcing, there is another strong wave riding among the young aspirants in these markets- to create their own intellectual property. We, at Animaster Academy, have around 20 students from Nigeria studying in our current batch. On a casual chat with them, it’s evident that they are very determined to pursue their passion in this field. Most of them want to go back to their country as soon as they can afford it and teach Animation and Graphic Design there. On that noble thought, we hope for these markets to thrive, as we resolve to encourage and make accessible animation education across the world.