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Any 2D animators working in the New York area? I have questions.

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Any 2D animators working in the New York area? I have questions.

1) Who gets more work in the NYC area, 2D animators OR 3D animators?

2) Is it a real challenge to get work in 2D in the NY area? More so than with 3D?

I love animation and I live in NYC. I just trained in some 3D software, and while I enjoyed the learning experience, I have to say I’m just not into many things 3D, with the exception of modeling for toys, and some horror film special effect ideas.

When I look at all the animation I enjoy watching, about 97% of what I love is pretty much 2D cartoon programs on the boob-tube and big screen. So much to the point where I’m saying to myself “maybe this is where I should be going towards.”

Still, I wonder if I decide to go back to school for it, how likely is it I’ll find a job in the field if I HAVE to stay in the NYC area? I’ve read that 2D animation may be dying, which is a said prospect for me.

A few other things about me, to help anyone who can or is willing to answer my questions:

1) I graduated art school a LONG time ago, before there was an internet. Hence, I’m pretty much an illustrator who is a slow learner with technology.

2) As well as being a 2D animator, I find the idea of screenplay writing combined with storyboard presentation also appealing. I simply have a lot of fictional ideas I’d like to see come to life.

I’ll be posting this on a few boards, so forgive me if it seems like a redundant topic.

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