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WANTED: 2D Animator/partner

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WANTED: 2D Animator/partner

Hi All,

My name is Pooj and I am an up and coming director and screenwriter.

Are there any animators who want to be part of a joint venture together for Film and YouTube.

I have connections to the Cambridge Film Festival in England and will be entering in the coming year or next.

I am looking for someone who wants to a career in the movie/tv industry to be my co-creator of short movies, tv shows and movies.

I want someone who I can discuss my ideas with and who wants to produce all kinds of movie shorts and spoof videos.

Currently I write scripts for short movies, spoof cartoons based on pop culture and more.

We will start off making animated shorts and funny pop culture videos for YouTube for our channel and then enter a short movie in the Cambridge Film Festival. From there, I hope to go to other film festivals and grow.

I am also an expert website designer, graphic designer and marketer. I know how to grow a brand, on YouTube or Facebook and believe with the right partner, we could be famous one day.

This is a joint venture to go forward 50/50 on all profits made.

Contact me to discuss my ideas further and see if my ideas for movies/spoofs/shorts are interesting to you as I think with the right animator, we could be really good.