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2d Animation Postgrad?

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2d Animation Postgrad?

Hi! I'm looking for anything that will help me get into Visual Development for studios. I've been looking for 2d Animation postgrads and Illustration MFAs, but I'm still lost. I'm trying to avoid the Big Schools from the US because they're way out of my budget, but I may have missed some smaller schools with great programs. Other countries are fine too - I was looking at Sheridan but their postgrad seems to be 3d only. Earlier this year I got accepted to SCAD's Illustration MFA, but I'm probably declining since I can't afford it, even with their (small) scholarship.

I'm basically just looking for something that will make me draw a lot and get inside the business. I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Peru, but there's almost no field for animation (or illustration) here, so I'm looking for a program where it's possible to get a job (in that country) after graduating. At this point I don't really care if it's a MA, MFA, Postgrad, specialization, etc.

Thanks! Sorry for the long post.

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