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hello, my name is matty i am from windsor,ontario. i am 34 and have always had a interest in doing voice over, cartoons or anything to do with making up my own voices. Since i was about 12-13 years old i started getting into music alot mostly into punk,hardcore,metal. I started learning guitar and when i did that id sing along to the music id like or try to learn. it was then i found out i couldnt sing but i could sound alot like the vocalist of certain bands if i really listened to it. I then started trying that with cartoons, movies and people in real life such as family members friends etc. I then realized i could pick up certain voices such as mr burns,barney, and otto man (the bus driver) from the simpsons. I started doing these at school out of no where when i was out partying with friends on the weekends and they would get a kick out of it. at first i wasnt sure how people would react but from then on i was known for doing these voices and people would ask me to do this all the time. I started learning more and more as the years went on. I started playing in punk bands as time went on , soemtimes i would bust out with these during the sets wed do in between songs etc. After my band broke up, i then enrolled in college and tried to get a career in trades. Once in a while id still do these when id be out partying with friedns but never thought id ever want to take it further even just for fun. One night my freidn recorded me doing a skit of these and a few others. I just did it as a joke but i found out he passed them out to people and they liked it and wanted more. I still then didnt really care or think about it. Throughout the years i also learned a couple more instruments such as the drums bass and the bagpipes. I also played the pipes for the windsor police grade 5 pipe band here in windsor,ont.Anyways as the years went on and i have graduated college from two different programs and fields, i had a accident on the way to work last decemeber when i lived out in Calgary,Alberta which i suffered a concussion from. I have had post symptoms since this concussion unfortunatly for the past 6 months and am now off work and will be for a bit so i ended up having to move back to my home city of Windsor,Ontario for good. I met up with my good friedn and the guy who recorded me years ago and me and him have to decided to do some recordings again while i have time off and see what happens. We are doing this for fun and if something comes out of it wicked if not its still something i love doing , keep me busy and most make me happy. As of right now i can do over 15 different voices /characters ranging from those simpson characters i mentioned up to characters from eddie murphys the nutty professors klump characters, anthony hopkins hannibal lector,axel rose, ronny james dio and more. Sorry if i wrote too much in this about me section, i wasnt sure how much or what to write. I am hoping to gain out of this site is people i can ask how to get into the industry, any courses or programs that might be helpful, people who have or are working in the industry and how they got there or into it. Any information,contacts or link would be great. Thank YOU

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MattyGrit !!!

MattyGrit !!!

Glad you are following your

Glad you are following your dream and look forward to heard some example of your work. 

This is off topic but could you makes some paragraphs out of your post, it is hard to read in its current form.


Hi Matty,


I suggest the best place to start to be VO talent is to copy or create your own radio ad and explainer video voiceovers. Make yourslef a demo reel, about 1 minute in length. And then subscribe to, and audition for jobs. If you;re specifically just looking for voiceover work as someone who can create characters, then still go down the voices route, but find specialist voiceover agents. Easy enough, jsut spend a few hours looking through google.


I also advise spending a little money on getting some decent recording equipment so you can record from home.