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Composer (arranger / orchestrator) available

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Composer (arranger / orchestrator) available


My name is Arnaud, and I'm a profesional composer for movies, TV, Videogames, ads, etc. with over 6 years in the in industry.

I had a lot of collaborations, most of which were for Animation short-movies. You can see, or listen to some of them on my website (only in french at the moment, but simple enough to find your way), or on my soundcloud. Some of my last work are not online yet, as I have to wait for them to be presenteed in scheduled festivals.

Regarding the style of the music you would like, a lot of my music that can be found online is orchestral, as it is what I've been more frequently asked to do. That doesn't mean that I can't, or don't want go in whichever direction your project need. But I do prefer thinking each music individually, and according to the project, instead of separated by kinds. 

Regarding the remuneration, I can't assure you right now that I'll have much time for free projects, but please feel free to ask and to tell me about your project regardless of the budget, as I may be able to adapt. 

If you need more general informations, ask here, but if you whish to tell me about a project, please PM me or event better, mail me here

Thanks for the read,

Arnaud Derhan

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Arnaud Derhan Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger,

Arnaud Derhan
Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger,

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