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Future of Remote Work in Animation?

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Future of Remote Work in Animation?

Hi All,

I have a general question about how some business owners view working with remote contractors. I've been a professional independent contractor fulltime for about a year, but I've been doing freelance on the side for about seven years while I've had other creative industry jobs.

So, if you've used a remote contractor, how was the experience for you?

Would you hire remote again? Why or why not?

What was nice about it?

What wasn't?


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-- Christina Mayes Animator / Artist / Designer Yon and Yonder Studio LLC

Christina Mayes
Animator / Artist / Designer
Yon and Yonder Studio LLC

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Hi Christina,

I have worked in the commercial side of the industry for about 5 years and i have no issue with working with remote freelancers.HOWEVER, would only use a remote worker if they are extremely professional and quick at what they do. It works when working on one specific shorter project, but if the project requires many hands then it can become complicated, and thus perhaps easier to get someone in the office. having said this, once a relarionship has been built up then it can be no difference than to having someone in the office.


The benefits are the time differences, and using this to your advantage. I have a freelancer in Japan, so can speak in my evening, and have a whole days work back by my mid morning the next day. Bonus! 


it's only not a good experience if they are slow, or if there is too much information to pass around.





Hi Christina,

Hi Christina,

I agree with Miles, 

Working with Freelancers is not bad at all, but the company needs a unique producer to check all the freelancers.

Someone reviewing the work delivered, plus the company has to make a brief (big one ) giving directions.

 Sending emails and e-chats help a lot, but words can be misunderstanding and cost time and money to repeat work.

I would hire again but only if the company has a clear idea what they need  if the processes still in " doodelling " I will hire someone to work on-site.


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