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majoring in animation??

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majoring in animation??

i'm currently a junior in high school and i've dreamed of pursuing animation ever since i learned it was an actual career a few years ago. i really enjoy watching animated movies and i've always been really mesmerized by animation in general. i take ap art studio and i draw/doodle nearly everyday. tbh i consider myself to be a pretty good artist and everyone i know thinks i should pursue a career in art but my mom thinks i should become a nurse because it's a more stable job and she just really wants me to follow her footsteps and go into the medical field. we don't really have a lot of money either and i've read so many questions like the one i'm writing now and i know that animation isn't a career you can just settle down in and i've also read that job availability is pretty low as well. i'm not sure if animation is an investment i should make?? thinking about the future is so scary i'm not ready for the real world someone pls help



Take a moment and read  the interviews of animators or character designers who have experience in the field. If I were you, I would follow their blogs and communicate with them via email. 


Your mother has already made a path of her own in the medical field. She wants you to follow her steps so you won't trip. If you are not passionate about nursing, do not purse it.

Now it is your turn to make your path. 

I second that about not

I second that about not pursuing nursing if you don't like it. But at the same time, animation is indeed competitive and may not be as profitable as nursing if you don't "make it".

You're still in high school and have time though, I'd maybe start looking at free tutorials online or even buy some affordable paid courses if you can afford it to get started and maybe work on a pet project to see if it goes anywhere.