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Question About Majoring in Animation

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Question About Majoring in Animation

Hello, my name is Kevin. I am a junior in high school. Since senior year is approaching, I have been thinking about college. I do not know what subject I am going to major in, however I do know that I cannot go to any art school such as CALARTS because my parents will not allow me to make art as priority. Also, I tried to go to art academies where they prepare students to make portfolios for art schools, however, due to money issues, I could not take the class. Monthly cost for most academies cost around $1000 for preparing students for portfolios. My family and I could not pay for that. Because of these issues, I decided to work hard to go to decent four year college. Besides drawing or animation, I have some interest in science and math. However, one cannot compare the interest that I have in art with that in other subjects. So far my life, I have never been to any art academies. I have always went to internet and search up characters from animated movies and drew them. I always received complements from my peers and teachers. I personally do not think that I am really good at drawing, but I would say that I am ok at drawing. Anyways, I have always appreciated and watched Pixar movies million times. I watch Pixar movies whenever I can. I am a big fan of Pixar :) However, since I know that I cannot pursue my dream in animation, I kind of made a decision that I will apply for any job, even those that are not related to animation(like proudction manager) because I love Pixar. Even though I would be most happy if I work for Pixar as an animator, I still can careless if I can work for Pixar. 

I started to think that I can, for example, major in physics and then change to animation in college. However, my questions is: Is it ok if you have never had professional trainings(e.g. animation classes or basic principles) prior to entering college, but still change from physics to animation during college years? In other words, is it possible to major in animation without any prior knowledge except drawing by myself? I am not sure how majors and other things work in college, so I am asking these questions...Thank you.

That question can only be

That question can only be answered by the school you are going to, I think the answer yes.