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Looking for a mentor

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Looking for a mentor

Hello fellow creators

I am currently studying animation at Hyper Island and am in dire need of a mentor to lean on in times of stress and confusion.

Currently a rookie in animation interested in both 2D and 3D, i will be working in toon boom and maya.

I am looking for a mentor who can help me with the program tools, techniques, mabye some assignments, collaboration. Anything really. If you have knowledge in either on these softwares dont hesitate to contact me, send your reel or just say hey.

Love, OMO

Hy, I can help you

Hy Omo,

I am an Animator, Artist and Author of the book Animate That (an essential book for novice animators, non software specific, that explains the principles of animation in depth, showing their importance and how to use them). With over 15 years in the Industry, I have worked with studios such as Crytek, Flaregames, Cliche VFX Studio, AMC Pixel Studio and Fiftyeight Animation Studio. I am a graduate of the Animation Mentor and Ianimate schools, character and creature animation. I combine my animation expertise and background with my digital skills to create high quality animation for Feature Films, TV Series, Short Films, Commercials and Web based content for German and International clients.

If you want, I can help you,being your mentor but with a condition: once you get started you will need to work as hard as humanly possible to succeed.

Contact me at

Have a nice day!