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Toon Boom or Not Toon Boom

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Toon Boom or Not Toon Boom

The scene above looks like a screen grab from Toon Boom Harmony. I've spent the last decade perfecting my skills and knowledge of Flash, and I have recently began learning to use After Effects too. I often parter with a 3D designer who uses AE as well, so its a mutual platform to mix our 2D and 3D work. However, I am seeing quite a few job posts now asking for people who can use Harmony. So, after finally perfecting my craft, should I be jumping ship to Harmony, or does Flash still have a future? I'd be interested to hear what peoples opinions about this are.


Toon Boom

I am a high schooler been studying some animation and I have looked into Toon Boom its a very cool software I hope to work with but for me its just flash animation and storyboards.

Hey guys

I'm Anna and i'm a teenager. I believe that you can help me because you know more about animation, for sure. I don't know much about animation but i want with all my heart to study, and study and study.. Everywhere i look around on the internet, i searched for a mentor but it's cost a lot. What can i do? If i have a lot of questions..with no answers. I heard about animation mentor, it's like when you are in a scholarships in some company and you have a mentor who is always right by your side, answer your questions or something like this? Oh, the start it's always so hard?

On this site it look's verry simple.

There are a few more

There are a few more animation forums around, with different degrees of participation. If you have not already, you should buy some basic how to animation books. If you still wont more you can get the "Animation Survial" book. Lot of example of animation for you to study and practice. With your membership in this and the other forums, you can ask very focused question. It would also be nice for you to post examples of your work.