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First post here.

Schirkoa is a 12-14 minute animated short film set to release in 2016. It's set in a dystopian city, features bagheads and other unimportant creatures. I have been working on it on/off since 2010. Actual production started in April 2013.

You can also check out, if interested.

Here are a few screenshots :

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WIP clip

Here is a Work In Progress clip.  Showcases 90% finalized look and feel.

Blue District

'Blue District' is the most recent sequence I am working on. The final looks are readt. Just tweaking the animation. Here are some screenshots. 

And a WIP clip

You have created an amazing

You have created an amazing world, if you ever need music for your films let me know, I would like to volunteer on helping you, here is my web


Best of lucks 

looks incredible. I wish you

looks incredible. I wish you good luck with the finalizing. will the finished film be available on the web?

Thanks slothy slothson,

Thanks slothy slothson,

Yes. Once the festival run is over, it will go straight to the web. I will keep updating this thread.

How many people are working

How many people are working with you on this?

I am mostly solo on this. 2

I am mostly solo on this. 2 friends and a colleague have helped in animating a number of shots volunatrily. 

Rendering 2nd Act

Started rendering Act 2. Here is a still from one of the brighter portions of the film.

ACT 2 rendering will be

ACT 2 rendering will be reaching the finish line by weekend. The image below shows WIP renders. Passes and post processing remain. 2 mograph sequences remain in ACT 2 now. I am keeping all mograph sequences (including tv/ad screens) for the very end. 

 Very original appeal!

 Very original appeal! Looking forward to more updates!

 Very original appeal!

 Very original appeal! Looking forward to more updates!

Thank you OutlawHue!

Thank you OutlawHue!

Here is some progress on another sequence:

Next up is a series of war

Next up is a series of war propaganda films made by the Schirkoan government to create awareness among the citizens.

Working on the club scenes:

Working on the club scenes:

*Nicolas Titeux has come on

*Nicolas Titeux has come on board as the composer/sound designer for Schirkoa. He's worked on several feature films, commercials and video games. Nicolas works in every aspect of sound production, from sound recording to mix, through editing and sound design. He recently finished Post Production for Fallout 4. 

Other updates :
*ACT 1 and ACT 2 are going through the first pass of sound design and music simultaneously. 
*ACT 3 is being rendered and animated right now.

January Updates

*ACT 3 is mostly done. A small sequence remains for animation.
*ACT 3 rendering is in progress. Although it's a lengthy set of sequences, I hope I finish this on time.
*With 'on time' I mean the end of this month. Which is slightly ambitious given the resources.
*Moving on to the compositing, trailer and the press kit soon.
*If all goes alright, Schirkoa might get done within the first quarter of this year. Which will make Schirkoa's production time to be 3 years. That isn't too bad considering the magnitude of setbacks it has faced.
*Let's hope for the bags.

This is what's going on right

This is what's going on right now:
-The render for final 2 sequences
-Touch ups/Re-renders/Fixes
-Music+Sound design for final act 
-Compositing & color grade 

In about two-three weeks, we should see a Trailer & Poster.

Schirkoa finishes 3 years of

Schirkoa finishes 3 years of production. (Along with several years of slow pre production). The film is sort of wrapped. Just the final last week fixes and touch ups remain. The final cut has come out really well and I can't wait to share it.

It's safe to say that by May 2016 I should be able to start sending it for submissions.

The final run time stands at 13:30 mins.

Schirkoa Posters & Trailer

I am super tired and happy. Schirkoa is finally over. Being my first film, it was a slightly tough and ambitious story to pull off. I am excited as it has come out close to what I had envisioned 4 years back.

Submissions have started. Here is a trailer and 3 posters. I don’t think I will be releasing it online this year, but I will keep posting if it gets accepted in any festivals.


Trailer :







Updated 50 sec trailer

Updated 50 sec trailer


Great work

What's the latest on Schirkoa, redcigarette? I also sent you an email. Impressed with your work.

Thanks Spark. I have replied

Thanks Spark. I have replied ;)


Best Animated Short Film / Sydney World Film Festival

Official Selection / Lisbon International Film Festival


Great news! Schirkoa has been

Great news! Schirkoa has been officially selected in LA Shorts Fest. LA Shorts is an Oscars and BAFTA qualifying festival along with ACCT and BIFA.


Schirkoa will have its North American Premiere on 8th September, (L.A. LIVE Downtown) at 5:30 PM. Here is a complete list of selections:

If anyone is in LA and gets a chance to see it, please let me know how does it look  :) 

Apart from that Schirkoa will have its Mexican Premiere at Corto Creativo Short Film Festival (Tijuana), along with Red Carpet and Mexican premiere of Star Trek Beyond.

Schirkoa wins “Best Animated

Schirkoa wins “Best Animated Short” at LA Shorts last night. Winning at an Oscar qualifying festival qualifies it for the final 2 rounds of Oscars and BAFTA where it will be competing other “best of the show” winners for final 5 nominations. Still a long way to go, but so far so good. (

September Update

Schirkoa did not make it to

Schirkoa did not make it to the final 10 for the Oscars. Well, it was the most competitive year ever in the shorts category so we always knew it was going to be tough. Films from Pixar, Disney and Veterans like Theodore Ushev and Patrick Osborne are in. Schirkoa will continue it's festival run till mid 2017.


Schirkoa has won the 'BEST OF

Schirkoa has won the 'BEST OF SHOW' at Siggraph Asia. I will be in Macau on Dec 6 to receive the award and talk about the film's making at 'Meet the Artist' panel.

Long time! And lot of updates

Long time! And lot of updates on Schirkoa

-The film has been picked up for distribution by New Europe Film Sales, Poland. A number of Canal + Spain channels are already showing it on TV. ARTE and a number of Chinese and Japanese VOD platforms have has also picked it up for broadcast. 

-Schirkoa has been screened in 75 Film Festivals and won 25 Awards so far. It still seems to be going strong at the festival run.

-As for the release of the short film itself, it should be out on Vimeo in early 2018. Being my first film I just want to learn what all is possible to do with your film before putting it up online.

-For everyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the film, I have an official music video coming out soon by a stunning metal band psy:code from Denmark. This collaboration offers a good glimpse into the world of Schirkoa with several exclusive shots, while the lyrics and music elevates the story to a whole new level. Stay tuned!

I really hope that I will be

I really hope that I will be able to buy or see this locallly.

Hey Wontobe, I am glad you want to watch it. It's almost here!



can't wait. Obviously a lot

can't wait. Obviously a lot of passion and talent here.

It's been a long time here. I

It's been a long time here. I have been steadily keeping up with the festival run of my film and the talks on the process. It's been to 96 film festivals so far and still running well. The short film will be available on Vimeo on demand, Amazon on demand and iTunes next month.

I am now expanding the universe and writing a feature length version of the film. Good part : The pitch for the feature film has been selected as the finalist in the top Asian film market. Hope I get the funding and start the work on the feature length version!

Here is the coverage on Variety :

This is just so good. I am

This is just so good. I want to climb into this world and never come out. 

Thank you ekrunk!

Thank you ekrunk!

I am one of the initial users

The short film has just finished 102 film festival selections and 27 awards (including Oscar long list and Best of Show at SIGGRAPH Asia) and still running strong worldwide.

I am now working on the feature length film from Schirkoa's universe. So if you are renting, watching the film and sharing the news with fellow creators, it would already be a fantastic support for the upcoming film

Vimeo-on-demand -
iTunes and Amazon-on-demand on the way.

More on

What program did you use to

What program did you use to create the animation?

very well created and produced