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Animation Tutorials


My name is Richard and I am looking to produce a set of character design and animation tutorials.

I'm interested in what people on this forum would find most valuable in a tutorial series?

Is it back to basics with the 12 principles of animation?

Is it about the basics movement mechanics?

Would you want to learn about the dynamics of creature movement?

How about how to get started using the software? What 2D software is most used out there? Flash, Toonboom?

Perhaps you are interested in character design? What sort of tutorials would best serve you?

Would it be anatomy, or facial features?

Perhaps rendering in Photoshop?

Is how to design with traditional mediums most appealing or perhaps the basics of digital drawing and painting?

Im trying to find out what kind of tutorials would be of most value to the animation community.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be gratefully received. 

Not sure if you would wont to

Not sure if you would wont to include so this is my idea.

Movement is easy, where as a convincing movement is hard. This comes down to timing and arcs so have exercises that will stress timing then exercises that will stress arcs. You could then tie them together showing how a dull motion could be made to pop.

Hey thanks for the suggestion

Hey thanks for the suggestion, I will defo keep that in mind! 

May I ask, what kind of animation do you do? 3D, flash?