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online animation school;s

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online animation school;s

Hi guys,

I am wanting to study 3d animation online, mainly character animation and if possible, a focus on creature animation.
i have visited a host of schools and browsed through all the programs. I have narrowed down my options to:

Animation Mentor
CG Tarain
Rocket Sky 

I have gone through many forums but I remain thoroughly confused.

If anyone has any personal experiance that may guide me to the best choice,. please let me know


I think that there are

I think that there are counselor at most of the schools.

Animation online

I heard good things about this website-3d animation online. Take a look over that. They have a book too. I buyed last week this-  Animate That-, this book with simple words helped me to understand the principles of animation. 

I'll finish the book and i'll write you my opinion about this.