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A complete newbie. Need guidance.

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A complete newbie. Need guidance.

Hellow everyone. I am a 20 year old animation enthusiast. At present I am at square zero with no prior knowledge in animation. I possess acting skills and I believe that is something that could help me in the animation biz. I need some guidance. I want to know where to begin and how. I want to learn 3D animation and want to design for video games. I have no prior knowledge in animation so I wanted to start from the basics of traditional animation and then advance to mordern animation techniques.

I hope you guys will help.

Hey bud, I'm new to this

Hey bud, I'm new to this forum and animation but I would recommend starting off with Blender, it's used in almost every film movie. It's free too.

You should start drawing and

You should start drawing and take drawing classes. Learn any of the software programs can wait, untill you get some time in with drawing. You should be drawing almost every day because that is what you will be doing when you put togeather an animation.

If you are not drawing now then start and add to the about of time spent drawing. Maybe start off drawing a few minutes every day and in a few week try to be drawing for an hour a day.

Absolutely agree with wontobe

Absolutely agree with wontobe.

Software and technology changes so rapidly but animation and design principles are timeless.

Are you looking for an art school or would you lookng to to buy an online introductory animation course? Do you have a light table or a 2D digital animation program such as Adobe Flash to practice traditional animation in?


Join Animation Institution

I agree with the suggestions people have suggested you. But according to me you should join some animation school to learn what exactly animation is. 2 years back i was also a newbie and started my career in animation with Zee Institute of Creative Arts. You join one of the best neary you.

They are right, you must

They are right, you must learn to draw first if you plan to learn how to animate in 2D. Life drawing is a good start: learn how things works, how shapes can be drawn, how life flows. This is a continuous exercise for an animator and it can never stop. Its like a muscle: you need to constantly exercise it so it can become stronger. While you do that I recomend you read The Animator's Survival Kit. For start, just read eat. No annotations, just like a story book — a part of it is Richard Willians life experience. Read just a chapter per day or each 2 days. And keep training your drawing skills. When you become more confident then try to look for its DvDs and study them hard.

I totally recommend you start by these courses from Aaron Blaine, a Disney's animator:

Its really affordable and there's a coupon for 15% discount. With this bundle you get more than 20 HD videos where Aaron teaches all the principles of animation.

Hope I helped!