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Animation Research study - Need feedback asap please !

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Animation Research study - Need feedback asap please !

Hello everyone ! 

Long timebrowser of the forums , haven't been around too regularly lately as I got bogged down with school work amongst other things but I need some help. 

I'll get straight to the point. I'm doing a research paper for school atm, looking at studying the visual portrayal of weight across heavy characters/varied animation styles. 

I have conducted some test animations and now require my work peer reviewed. Any feedback I receive will be useful and the few comments I receive will be helpful in drawing conclusions in my paper. 

Thanks in advance guys. I'm specifically wanting to know whether I have been successful in making the character 'feel' heavier in the second animation test. Please comment on this specifically, but feel free to also leave any feedback in general. Anything is useful (why you think it feels heavier/what change was the most effective/what could be better/added) and should help round out my paper. Thanks heaps :)

Animation test 1 : Reference was a gorilla ambling. Animated as close as possible to the reference. 

Animation test 2 : Using test 1 as a base, I tried to make the character feel as heavy as possible. 

Animation is my hobby so keep

Animation is my hobby so keep this in mind with my comment. I can see no different in the weight of the character. It looks like the same animation with a different camera angle.

Check your reference source to see the details you have left out of you animation.

I can see a bit more weight

I can see a bit more weight but not :as much as possible". He needs to bend a little more when he makes impact on the ground each time, his joints seem to "springy" and not really taking his weight. 

The more I look at this the

The more I look at this the more of an in-depth view I get. It jsut looks like you slowed down the animation and movement from the first reel to the second. It creates an illisoun of weight, but not the full effect. His joints need to bend more to absorb the impact of heavy weight and his feet look like they just lightly touch the ground before resteping. 

I think you are projecting

I think you are projecting treats that are not in the clip, I am not seeing what you are.