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tdu :: Lighting Package Starts Soon!!!

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tdu :: Lighting Package Starts Soon!!!

ONLY $999* for over 3 months of lighting training with the industry's top professionals!!

Lighting plays a crucial role in animated films. It sets the overall mood, directs the audiences’ eye, creates visual shaping and interest, and creates a level of believability that is essential to allow the audience to become connected with the story being told.
The Lighting Package is designed to take any aspiring artist with little to no experience in lighting and transform them into a well rounded lighting machine in just a few months.

For the first five weeks, you will be introduced to basic lighting techniques and skill sets in tdu’s Principles of Lighting course. After completing Principles of Lighting, you will dive head first into 8 weeks of advanced lighting training in Photoreal lighting With the combined experience from these two classes, you will not only have a slew of new projects to add to your demo reel, but also a foundation of knowledge that will enable you to create work that stands out from the crowd for many years to come.

Principles of Lighting :: November 10 – December 8, 2014

Photoreal Lighting :: January 6 – March 3, 2015