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Voiceover Reel and Offer

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Voiceover Reel and Offer

You need a special funny voice? I've got a special funny voice! In fact, please listen to my reel and let me know what you think. Maybe we can work together. I love to collaborate and create. I have taught in the film school at NYU so I am probably going to post this in academic and flea market as well, but this also seemed like a nice spot. 

I've done professional Voiceover for Honda, Toyota, CT Lotto, Rockstar Games, Minimighties children's series for the Language Mate Co, individual composers and animators, and my own films.

I'm now branching out and making my vocal talent affordable for students, indie animators, and for all phases of production and character development- offering online:

So take advantage of the introductory offer rate. Send me your copy after checkout and I send you a sound file. That easy. ♥ (After your checkout process, email me at with the pdf file of what you would like recorded. I'll record your copy and send it back to you in an mp3 or AIFF file by win!)

Listen to my voicereel at the link above!

Testimonial: "Yvette is a wonderful VO artist to work with. She always comes in with a smile on her face and a positive attitude, not to mention a slew of characters in her repertoire. It's always a fun and extremely professional session." Carolina Ravassa, Voiceover Actress