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Offering free custom music for experience/portfolio

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Offering free custom music for experience/portfolio

I'm a classically trained composer with experience producing a wide variety of types of music. I am especially interested in beefing up my animation scoring portfolio.

In 2010 another composer (Kevin Macleod) and I scored an internationally distributed 24 episode animated series for the world cup called Zakumi. The deadlines were insanely tight and we were often expected to produce a fully finished product in less than 24 hours. Because of this, there was little time to spend on post production. I hope to find more actual paid work in animation in the future, but need to beef up my portfolio before I can search in earnest. 

This is where you come in! I'd love to take a crack at scoring your project in exchange for rights to use it in my reel. No money necessary (though if you offer me some I wouldn't turn it down). If you hate my work, you can opt not to use it. 

If I'm going about this the wrong way or I should be doing something else, please tell me.

Here are a few samples of things I've done:

A clip from Zakumi:

A sample of some epic music written for a wooley mammoth themed slot machine (of all things):

A sample of some jazz influenced by Cowboy Bebop:

Kitschy music for a horrible morning:

Film score-y:

General portfolio:

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